The Social Services for Children and Adults in Sintava
is located in the center of Sintava village, near Sered, very well accessible from the R1 motorway.

The Home social services for Children and Adults in Sintava is the founding area of ​​the Trnava Self-governing Region as a budget organization providing social services.

The scope of activity is, in accordance with Act No. 488/2008 Coll. in the wording of later regulations, the provision of social services, which is done mainly through social work, procedures corresponding to the knowledge of social sciences and knowledge about the state and development of the provision of social services.

Social service is a professional activity, service activity or other activity or a set of these activities that are aimed at addressing the adverse social situation or alleviating the adverse social situation of a natural person, family or community, for a severe disability or an adverse health condition.

The capacity of the facility is 14 social service providers with the following structure:

• 6 places for residential form of social service year-round,
• 6 places for residential social services weekly,
• 2 places for an outpatient form of social service,

Facilities are also provided to provide relief service.

The target group is:

- natural persons who are dependent on the assistance of another person on the basis of the Social Service Retention Decision in the social service home until the retirement age.

The most common diagnoses include: DMO, Down syndrome, middle and severe grade mental retardation, and other associated diagnoses.

The price list for the provided social service is set following the validity of the current General Regulation of Trnavský samosprávny kraj č. 30/2014.

Keeping records of waiting for social service provision

HSS fCHaA in Sintava provides social service provision according to the applicants' waiting list. The request for social service provision in the waiting list of social service provision is based on the social services provided and the date of registration of the received request for the provision of the social service. Currently, there are 23 waiting times.

Strategic vision, mission, plan of social services and quality objectives

The vision of the facility is to improve the access of staff to social services recipients through training in new methods, especially for recipients of psychiatric diagnoses.

Another area is building community-based relationships, including statutory representatives of social service recipients based on mutual awareness, trust and mutual assistance in crisis situations.

The vision of the facility is also to improve the spatial conditions for living, to increase the standard of premises for employees, for personal hygiene and toilets. Our strategic vision is to be dynamic to the requirements and thus to increase the satisfaction of our social service recipients and family members with the services provided, to motivate and stabilize our employees. We accept that every social service recipient is unique and vulnerable and has its needs and requirements.

Our mission is to provide social services under Act no. 448/2008 Z.z. on social services as amended, § 38 t. j. to ensure the execution of professional, service and other activities to the extent stipulated by law which:

a) We provide:

1. assistance in reliance on the assistance of another natural person,
2. social counseling,
3. social rehabilitation,
4. accommodation,
5. eating,
6. cleaning, washing, ironing and maintenance of laundry and clothing,
7. personal equipment,

b) we provide:

1. development of work skills,
2. Interest activity,
3. nursing care,

c) create conditions for:

1. education,
2. safekeeping of valuables.

The plan of social services provided represents systematic security and constant improvement of quality by introducing a system for the implementation of quality conditions.

Quality objectives

• To meet and comply with the quality of social service provided in Annex no. 2
        of Act no. NR SR no. 448/2008 on Social Services, as amended.

• Create conditions for certification of a work center with Basic Stimulation.

     2018 January

     Mgr. Marta Hajdinova, Director

Home social services for children and adults in Sintava

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