The Home of Social Services for Children and Adults in Šintava (hereinafter referred to as DSS pDaD in Šintava) provides social services in accordance with the Act on Social Services. Law no. 448/2008 Coll. on social services as amended.
We understand social service as a professional, service or other activity, or a set of these activities, which in relation to the recipient of social services are aimed at solving his unfavorable social situation.
In DSS pDaD in Šintava, we ensure the provision of social services that help individuals, or to their family members, to solve such an unfavorable social situation that threatens a citizen dependent on the help of another person with social exclusion or limits his ability to integrate socially and independently solve his problems, due to a severe disability or adverse health condition.
The capacity of the facility is 14 recipients of social services:
• 6 places for a year-round social service residence form,
• 6 places for the weekly form of social service residence,
• 2 places for ambulatory form of social service.
We also provide a relief service at the facility.

At DSS pDaD in Šintava, we provide and ensure professional and service activities. The
professional activities that we provide at DSS for children and adults in Šintava include:

        Ø Basic social counseling
Ø Help when dependent on the help of another physical person (care)
Ø Social rehabilitation
Ø nursing care in the facility a
Ø development of work skills,

Service activities include:

        Ø Accommodation
Ø Catering
Ø Cleaning, washing, ironing and maintenance of linen and clothing
        • Basic social counseling helps to assess the nature of the social service recipient's problem and provide basic information about the possibilities of solving the problem and, if necessary, also recommend and mediate further professional help.
        • The goal of the professional staff at the DSS pDaD in Šintava is to ensure quality
care according to modern professional concepts and procedures and thus improve the quality of life of recipients of social services in the facility. The process refers to the solution of an unfavorable social situation due to a severe disability and is governed by the Methodical Guide to the Care Process, Monika Krohwinkel's Model, standards of care. Basal stimulation is carried out by trained staff. Massages are performed by a trained nurse.
Social rehabilitation – professional activity that is provided for the purpose of supporting the independence, independence and self-sufficiency of the recipient of social services by training skills, activating abilities and strengthening habits in self-care, household care and basic social activities. In social rehabilitation, we use elements of ergotherapy, art therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, alternative communication and elements of movement therapy.
Nursing care in the facility is provided in accordance with valid legislation, the form of the nursing process in accordance with the developed nursing standards and on the basis of the Methodical Guide for managing the nursing process in social services. Nursing care in our facility is aimed at satisfying the bio-psycho-social needs of the recipient of social services.
        • The provision of health care is ensured within the scope of nursing services and, if necessary, based on a contract with the Agency for Home Nursing Care (ADOS) Sereď.
        • For outpatient and weekly stay clients – health care is provided by a guardian appointed by the court/legal representative through a selected district doctor. Medical reports, e.g. about changes in medication dosage, diet, allergies, etc., must be submitted to the facility, otherwise the facility is not responsible for any deterioration of the client's health. Professional staff keeps records of dosage and use of prescribed medicines.

        • For recipients of social services on a year-round form of health care:
        • provided by a guardian appointed by the court/legal representative at a selected district and specialist doctor,
        • or authorizes the facility, represented by the director, and all health care requirements are provided by the facility. In cooperation with specialist doctors, we ensure the purchase and controlled storage of medicines, records of dosage and use of prescribed medicines.
        • The aim of the
development of work skills in the facility is to support the activation and independence of recipients of social services to the maximum extent, to help them acquire work habits and skills when performing various work activities. The recipient is provided with a choice of work activities according to his interest, abilities and skills. Occupational therapy techniques focus on the development of physical and mental abilities as well as the expansion of the work potential of recipients of social services.
        • We provide
accommodation in 3-bed rooms, we provide material fulfillment associated with accommodation, we also provide the possibility to use common areas, including a kitchen with equipment. The interior spaces of the entire facility, including therapy spaces, are barrier-free.
Catering is provided by our own catering establishment in accordance with the principles of healthy nutrition and taking into account the health status of individuals (dietary and special diets) and using mass catering services with imports during weekends, or holidays.
Cleaning, washing, ironing, maintenance of linen and clothing is carried out by the staff.

DSS pDaD in Šintava also creates conditions for other activities:
        Ø for food preparation (cappuccino, coffee, etc.),
Ø interest activity,
Ø conditions are created for safekeeping of valuable things.

        • The expansion of the spectrum of provided social services also includes
leisure activities and interest activities. The facility provides recipients with a choice of cultural and social events, sports and recreational activities.

DSS pDaD in Šintava enables the use of
additional services:

        Ø External hairdresser
Ø Pedicure
Ø Leisure activities outside the facility with an escort
Ø Individual or group religiosity.

Furthermore, the facility allows recipients of social services to be accompanied when dying, especially by family members, friends and a priest. The lonely recipient of the social service is accompanied by the staff of the facility and a priest, if he wishes.

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